Geofencing API

Get notifications for when a device enters or leaves a certain area.


The Device Geofencing API allows setting up subscriptions for devices, so you can receive notifications for when a device moves to or leaves a designated area. The area returned in the notifications received is defined by a circle, which is determined by geographic coordinates for latitude, longitude and a radius defining the location query accuracy. Once you successfully create a subscription, the API will generate an event SubscriptionId and will also provide its expiry date. When a device moves to another area or, in other words, changes its geofencing status, you can also receive notifications about this event at the notificationUrl specified during the subscription request.

Use cases

Here are some potential use cases for the Geofencing API:

  • Setting up home-settings based on device location, for example, smart home systems and Internet of Thins (IoT) devices can provide features, such as turning the lights on, activating security systems, which are triggered when a device enters specific area (home, office, and so on).
  • Tracking devices for logistic purposes.

Terminology and acronyms

  • Device: Any mobile device that can connect to a network and engage in network communication.

  • Area: The geographical space that a device is expected to enter or leave.

What's behind this technology?

It follows the Geofencing API definitions from CAMARA, which is an open-source project within Linux foundation. Network as Code bridges the gap between your application and the Operator platform making the connection seamless so you can subscribe to geofencing notifications. After you register on Network as Code Developer Portal and get consent & authorization for devices, you will be able to easily use and integrate this API into your applications.

Last updated on May 21, 2024