Checking Sim swap events

Log in to Network as Code Developer Portal and head over to your Dashboard. Then, click Create and manage organizations and a new window will open, from which you can select API Hub on the top-right menu. Click the top-left search box and just type in the API name SIM Swap.

NOTE: Remember to subscribe to the SIM Swap API first, after which you will be able to click Test Endpoint and use the API. Here's a step-by-step on how to subscribe to APIs.

The Network as Code SIM Swap API has two endpoints:

  1. Retrieve the latest SIM swap date (timestamp) with POST retrieveSimSwapDate.

    NOTE: If the SIM was not swapped recently, it will then return its activation date.

  2. Check if a SIM was swapped within a specific span of n seconds with POST checkSimSwap.

Required and optional API fields

Required fields

  • RapidAPI App: It's simply the app name. Since multiple applications can be created for different use cases, if you or your organization previously created any apps, they will be accessible from this drop-down list.

  • Request URL: The specific endpoint or address where you will send your API request. In this case, the default option is RapidAPI.

Header Parameters:

  • X-RapidAPI-key: An ENUM value for your personal or organization application key, which was created through the API Management dashboard in the Getting Started steps or during enterprise onboarding.

  • X-RapidAPI-Host: It uniquely identifies the API being called and the string value is already filled by default when you access the SIM Swap API.

Optional fields:

Header Parameters:

  • X-correlator: An optional correlation ID parameter in string format for different services. It's used to correlate or track requests and responses.

Retrieving the latest SIM swap date

The example below shows the request body with a test phone number. Simply replace it with the number for which you want to retrieve the timestamp. The POST retrieveSimSwapDate endpoint returns a date-time object.

    "phoneNumber": "+346661113334"

Checking a specific SIM swap time span

The example below shows the request body with a test phone number. Simply replace it with the one, for which you want to check the specific time span. The POST checkSimSwap endpoint returns a boolean value.

NOTE: The maxAge parameters is defined in seconds. Remember to convert hours to seconds, for example, the amount of seconds in 1 hour is 360.

    "phoneNumber": "+346661113334",
    "maxAge": 360

Last updated on May 21, 2024