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Acquire the approximate location of your mobile devices or verify that they are within a given area using a mobile network based positioning system, both outdoors and indoors.

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Network provided location for application use

There are many scenarios where device GPS based location service and data is either not feasible or requires further input. A device might not have GPS, it might be indoors, not sharing the location information or GPS data is unreliable. To augment or sometimes as alternative the GPS positioning, a network is able to position and provide location information about its connected devices.

Network as Code Location capability exposes detailed network location information of devices to the applications.
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With Location capability, developers can integrate location area verification or location queries of devices into their applications. Network as Code platform passes network provided location information – typically provided at the granularity of serving cell tower location mapped to coordinates – as geographic coordinates towards the applications. The applications can use this information to get approximate location of respective devices for high-level positioning or security verification purposes.

Works on supported 4G and 5G mobile networks.

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