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Specialized Networks

Reserve a part of a 5G network for specialized usage scenarios to guarantee stable connectivity for your devices and applications.

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Specialized, custom network for application use

Emerging new applications, such as those for XR (eXtended Reality) have unique and contextual needs for the network. Such applications might need assured very high quality video to be sent from specific devices to be down streamed to other specific devices, while minimizing the latency and optimizing data transfers over the network. Often, in such optimization, the data needs to be processed in relative proximity of the devices and the network needs to be adapted to that.

Network as Code Slicing capability enables applications to define and create on-demand specialized networks – or slices in telco-speak - for their purposes.
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All that is needed is a few lines of code to create a specialized network (i.e., slice) directly from the application. The application can control the network slice type, coverage area and SLA attributes, and thereafter the attachment of the device to the network slice.

Works on supported 4G and 5G mobile networks.

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