Identity and Security

Network as Code provides identity and security capabilities that allow your applications to prevent or proactively react to fraud by using resources that go beyond traditional 2FA authentication processes. You can easily integrate the SIM Swap API to your applications and shield them with an extra layer of security against fraudulent attempts, such as SIM swapping.


The SIM Swap API allows you to check SIM swapping events in real-time. It strengthens the security of SIM-based authentication methods, such as SMS One-Time Passwords, which can help mitigate the severity of account takeover fraud. This is particularly important due to fraudulent transactions employing SIM swapping techniques to intercept SMS messages, enabling fraudsters to reset passwords or obtain verification codes to gain unauthorized access to secured accounts.

What does this API do?

  1. It tells when a SIM was swapped with precision by providing the latest date and time it happened.

    If the SIM was not swapped, it will then return its activation date.

  2. Allows you to check if a SIM was swapped within a specific time span that you can define. So, you can answer the question: Has the event occurred within the last n seconds?

Terminology and acronyms

  • MSISDN: The phone number associated with a SIM card that you want to check.

What's behind this technology?

The SIM Swap API follows CAMARA definitions, which is an open-source project within Linux foundation. Network as Code bridges the gap between your application and the Operator platform making the connection seamless so you can retrieve SIM swap data. After you register on Network as Code Developer Portal and get consent & authorization for devices, you will be able to easily use and integrate this API into your applications.

Last updated on May 21, 2024