Network Insights

We all know how situations, such as congestion or poor network performance, can affect applications, and being aware of it in real-time allows for smarter business decisions to deliver better customer experience. Network Insights provides analytics on several aspects of the network. You can monitor congestion levels for a given geographic area and know if the connectivity requirements of an app can be met by a network, so your apps can react more proactively based on real-time network performance data.

What is behind this technology?

Currently, an essential component in 5G networks is a new functionality called Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF). It safely exposes core network data to Network Operators in real time so that Network as Code can also work as a mediator, further abstracting the process of collecting this data and making it more accessible. Then, authorized data consumers like you also get to access these resources and anticipate different network situations.


Here are some terms you will often see throughout the Specialized Networks section:

  • Token / application key: The application key that was created through the the API Management dashboard in the Getting Started steps. This information is used when you are creating a Network-as-Code client:

    client = nac.NetworkAsCodeClient(token="<your-application-key-here>")
  • Device ID: An email-like identifier for a device (or subscriber) into the network. It works as a device object created to manage a particular device on the network, for example:

  • Congestion: it means the (localized) usage of the network exceeds the network's ability to handle without degraded performance (latency, bandwidth)

  • NWDAF: Network Data Analytics Function, described above.

Network as Code client

The NetworkAsCodeClient is the entry-point to all the functionality Network as Code provides. Learn more about it.

Last updated on May 23, 2024