Device Status

Monitor when a device is attached to or detached from a mobile data network.

This functionality allows asking if a device is online or not and subscribing to notifications for when it goes offline or comes back online. Any connectivity status changes will then be informed and can be posted to a preferred notification URL (webhook).


Here are some terms you will often see throughout the Devices Status section:

  • Token / application key: The application key that was created through the API Management dashboard in the Getting Started steps. This information is used when you are creating a Network-as-Code client:

    client = nac.NetworkAsCodeClient(token="<your-application-key-here>")
  • Notification token: A password that will be used to identify the sender of notifications

  • Device ID: An email-like identifier for a device (or subscriber) into the network. It works as a device object created to manage a particular device on the network, for example: This is provided by your Network operator.

Network as Code client

The NetworkAsCodeClient is the entry-point to all the functionality Network as Code provides. Learn more about it.

Last updated on May 23, 2024