Specialized Network notification details

On this page, you will find the JSON schema for Specialized-Network notifications. Its purpose is to monitor changes made to slices, such as creation, modification, the several outcomes for these changes and the current slice state, e.g.: pending, available, deleted, etc. Underneath the JSON schema, there is a table with further information on the specific keyword values.

Remember that the string values represented below are just examples that can be used. So, they should contain your real slice values.

JSON schema for Specialized Network notifications

    "resource": "slice-01",
    "action": "add | modify | delete | noChange",
    "outcome": "inProgress | cancelled | completed",
    "current_slice_state": "AVAILABLE | OPERATING | DELETED"
Specialized-Network-keyword valuesDescription
resourceA string value with slice name or identifier.
actionA string value describing the slice operation performed. The possible values are: add, modify, delete, noChange.
outcomeA string value containing the different outcomes or results of the previous slice action/operation. They can be: acknowledged, rejected, pending, held, inProgress, cancelled, completed, failed, partial, assessingCancellation, pendingCancellation.
current_slice_stateA string value with the current slice states or statuses, which can be: PENDING, OPERATING, AVAILABLE, DELETED.

Last updated on May 23, 2024