Modifying slices

You can modify the parameters for an existing slice with the modify() method.

Modifying a slice

In the following SDK snippet, first we get an existing slice that we need to modify. Next, we modify some slice parameters, such as slice throughput, maximum number of data connections and devices. So, we use the modify() method to make these changes. Learn more about the parameters that can be modified below.

import network_as_code as nac
from network_as_code.models.slice import (
client = nac.NetworkAsCodeClient(...)
# Get the slice you want to modify.
slice = client.slices.get("slice-name_1")
# Remember to reconfigure all the parameters you wish to modify,
# The modify() method does not preserve previously configure ones.
    max_data_connections = 12,
    max_devices = 3,
    slice_downlink_throughput=Throughput(guaranteed=10, maximum=10),
    slice_uplink_throughput=Throughput(guaranteed=10, maximum=10),
    device_downlink_throughput=Throughput(guaranteed=10, maximum=10),
    device_uplink_throughput=Throughput(guaranteed=10, maximum=10)

Slice parameters

These are the slice parameters that can be modified using the modify() method and a brief description of them.

slice_uplink_throughput or slice_downlink_throughputSpecify the amount of bandwidth the slice can get.
device_uplink_throughput or device_downlink_throughputSpecify the amount of bandwidth the device can get.
max_data_connectionsMaximum number of data connection sessions in the slice.
max_devicesMaximum number of devices in the slice.

What is a notification URL?

Learn more about the notification URL/auth token and how to create a web server for them.

Note that the snippets above assume you have already created a slice before, which you can learn how to do here. It also implies that you have already created a Network-as-Code client and identified your mobile network device.

Last updated on May 23, 2024